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Jewellery is so much more than just a piece of metal and stone, it's a piece of the puzzle that tells your wonderful life story.

As your personal family Jewellers we pride ourselves on creating heirloom bespoke pieces showcasing beauty and glamour with the highest quality in workmanship.

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Jewellery maintenance

Jewellery maintenance

  Tips  Store your jewellery in a clean, dry place. Keep your jewellery in a fabric-lined jewellery case or in a box with compartments and divide...
CAD/CAM - Design and manufacturing

CAD/CAM - Design and manufacturing

CAD (computer aided design) drawing and drafting systems are widely used in general industry for designing models for mass production. Their advant...
Birthstone - April - Diamonds

Birthstone - April - Diamonds

The saying goes "diamonds are a girls best friend". If you are born in April then you are in luck. Now is the time to invest in diamonds and put so...


I just want to thank you for the amazing service you gave me and the stunning ring that was specially designed and made , I have had numerous compliments on what a beautiful ring it is!


I would just like to say "thank you so much for fixing my wedding ring and the kindness you showed me". Your attention to detail is superb.

Martin D

 Jeanco Jewellers are amazing, and so is the family behind Jeanco! I am very, very proud that you've been a part of my family since the very beginning! And now you're a part of my family here in NZ. Thank you so very much for all the precious gifts and jewellery that you've made and shared with us. We are extremely blessed. We love you so much!

Connie W